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3 Alternative Activities That Can Help Your Troubled Teens

TeenagerViolence among teens seems to be increasing yearly. While there are many factors worth discussing, there are potential long-term solutions to supporting your troubled child. Here are options to creating fun, physical and communicative alternatives for your child.

Provide Physical Expression – Whether it’s dance, basketball, skateboarding, or martial arts, people find a more productive and disciplined way of showing off their other side when they get physical. Let them choose their sport then support them by buying the equipment necessary to go with it. For example, if your teen chooses skateboarding, ocramps.com suggests not to simply buy them a skateboard. Buy a safety helmet, elbow and knee pads along with a half pipe. The same goes for any other sport they choose.

Let them Get Creative – Art in all its forms can be a powerful medium for relaxing and comforting troubled youngsters. Unfortunately, not all schools are equipped to serve the many out of school youth who need a form of expression outside of sports or popular entertainment. There are talented actors, painters, and writers who can be convinced to volunteer for tutorial classes. Negotiate for a class or two for your troubled teen following their artistic interests.

Choose Counseling Communities – Sometimes, all young adults need is someone to talk to. Someone out there needs to know that they’re not alone with their troubles. With so much peer pressure, kids have a difficult time trying to find an adult who won’t judge them for their failures. There are youth counseling groups in churches, social welfare units and advisory assemblies that you can connect your child to.

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Whether it’s building their self-esteem, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, or simply keeping them out of a potentially bad life, you can find a solution for your teen’s troubles. Remember that it all starts at home and you would be their first shelter to run to.

  • Posted on September 13, 2016