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3 Effective Pointers on How to Decipher Real Estate Ads and Descriptions

House For SaleFinding your dream home can be quite challenging, especially when you’re faced with confusing real estate lingo. Though the wording may sound impressive, these do not help alleviate the confusion that they create with their long-winded and flowery description. To help you figure out what these ads really mean, here are some pointers to keep in mind.

1. Isolate Key Information

Typically, these posts are often chock-full of information to embellish the product’s benefits and features. Learn to segregate data by noting down the key ones first, depending on what you need the most. Information such as the size of the house and land packages in Geelong, Australia and the number of rooms can be noted while ignoring other details that seem superficial or just plain unnecessary for making your final selection.

2. Summarise The Descriptions

As with most ads, real estate agents tend to go overboard with describing their product by using too many words, especially adjectives, to make it appeal more to customers. More often than not, you can decipher what they truly mean by removing some of these words and summarising the description. You’d be surprised to find out that their actual message is very short compared to what they have on the ad.

3. Simplify The Terms

In relation to the previous point, these ads tend to use too many flowery words, some of which you haven’t even heard of before. This is another technique utilised by advertisers to make the product seem grander and exquisite than it actually is. You may need to use thesaurus or dictionaries or even ask for translations from a friend to help you translate them to lay man’s terms or, at the very least, make them easier to digest.

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While most ads tend to be a bit more comprehensible these days, they can still be loaded with unnecessary details that can make them misleading. Rule of thumb: The more obscure and harder to read the info is, just ignore it. Otherwise, ask the real estate company for an explanation either through chat, text or call.

  • Posted on October 2, 2018