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3 Important Reminders for Workplace Safety

a man wearing reflector vests and helmets gladly checks his logbook

A major workplace injury or death affects lives in no small way — for family and friends, co-workers, as well as communities. There is no way to measure exactly how much a loss or human suffering affects others around the victim. For the victim’s family, an injury or a disease contracted at work may result in a major crisis. Apart from the financial impact of an injury, disease, or death, there is the hassle and the time demands of relatives.

As for your business, an injury to a worker or a worker’s death due to occupational hazards may mean downtime and legal repercussions. Even if your employees have not suffered anything, if they know it’s just a matter of time before one of them gets in serious trouble, you cannot expect them to be loyal to you. This is why safety is a responsibility you should take seriously.

Here are some ways to keep your employees safe:

Proper training

Training is the most effective way to reduce the possibilities of injuries or death in your work areas. Even workers skilled in particular assignments should still receive ample training for all the aspects of the job. Never allow a new employee to operate equipment or perform an assignment for which they have not gotten any training.

Make PPEs mandatory

Don’t let employees come in unless they are fully equipped with the gear you have issued to them from safety equipment suppliers. Maxisafe and other experts noted that allowing someone to work without a safety helmet at a construction site is like tempting fate, and chances are something will go wrong. Your employees should be responsible enough to keep their work gear safe and functional, and report any damaged gear that needs replacing.

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Clean house

Clutter, debris, and dirt in the workplace can double the possibility of someone getting seriously hurt. That’s why you need to clean house, and your employees should understand that working and cleaning up after themselves go together, for their own safety.

Working with one eye on a hazard means not being as productive as one should be. Make sure your workplace is safe for your employees. Taking care of them is the best way to keep them loyal to you, and to ensure they all go home safe and sound at the end of each day.

  • Posted on August 29, 2017