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3 Important Things to Know When Ordering Custom-Made Suits

Men Fashion - SuitThere is an air of class and dignity when men and women wore well-fitted suits. It is, in fact, an essential ensemble to every man’s closet. At some point in their life, they would definitely have to wear one. However, in case, you do not own one yet.

Don’t worry, you still have time to buy a suit made just for you. To carry out this task without sweating it out too much, here are a few tips you could use.

Choose Your Tailor Well

Buying bespoke apparel is way different from how you normally shop for your clothes. For one, you need a tailor that is skilled enough to make a suit that would fit perfectly to you. For the most part, he or she will be deeply involved in making your suit, so you have to go with someone you trust and comfortable working with.

Educate Yourself on Terms

Once you get yourself involved in the world of suits, you’ll realise that there are different types of suits. To communicate with your tailor well, you need to understand some of the basic lingo. Some of the common terms include:

  • Bespoke – the patter and everything else is made from scratch to fit for your taste
  • Made-to-Measure – there’s already an existing pattern, and it will only be adjusted based on your measurements
  • Off-the-rack – these are ready-to-wear pieces, and you could literally wear them once off the rack

Learn to be Patient

Since it is a made-to-order piece, you cannot expect it to be ready in an instant. You have to understand that it takes quite a lot of time to sew bespoke apparel. Tailors are very specific when it comes to fitting and making the suit.

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The measurement alone could take around 30 minutes, and as for the sewing process, it could take a month or longer. During that period, your tailor may request you to come back for two to three more fitting to ensure it is the one. This is to ensure you are getting the piece you ordered exactly.

A bespoke suit is a great addition to your wardrobe. Do not miss the opportunity to own one by keeping these shopping tips in mind. This way you could find a piece that goes well with your taste and personality.

  • Posted on June 21, 2018