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3 Signs of a Perfect Home Location

Perfect Home LocationAs with any real estate deal, location is a significant aspect for consideration. For sure, you wouldn’t want to spend all your savings and get a loan for a property in a bad neighbourhood. However, some locations don’t look bad at first glance. So, how can you tell if you’re signing up for a home in a place perfect for you?

Here are some of the indicators of a great home location:

Geographically Ideal

Do you work in the city but want to live in a quiet, peaceful neighbourhood? If you do, consider the condominiums in Paya Lebar, for instance. It is a place that is not quite far from the city, so hospitals, malls and your workplace are still accessible, but it still has the relaxed ambience you prefer. The idea is that the location of your home should fit the lifestyle you want, but its proximity to your work, shopping, entertainment and other needs shouldn’t be too far.

Comfortable Neighbourhood

Apart from the geographical considerations, you also need to check the area of your prospective home location. You may want to pick the one that most fits your personality — a community that will make you feel comfortable and you belong. Look at the people in the neighbourhood. Are they the types of individuals you’d likely befriend when you move?

Utmost Safety

Research about the crime rates of the location you’re considering. If the rate is low, then it is a good sign, but you still need to consider other things. If you’re eyeing a condominium, for instance, select one that has excellent security systems, 24/7 roving guards and a property management service. Remember, it is harder to resell a home located in an area known for crimes, even if these are just misdemeanours.

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Once you tick off these three signs in your list, then the location you’re seeing is a great one. But still, don’t forget to consider other factors, as well. After all, everyone has unique needs when it comes to buying a new home.

  • Posted on February 23, 2017