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3 Steps to Creating the Perfect Dessert Bar for Your Toddler’s Birthday

children's partyBirthdays are special, but if it’s your first child’s birthday, it’s extra special. And one of the surest ways to make the celebration more memorable is to have a dessert bar at the party. Kids love sweets, so this will definitely make for an unforgettable detail in your little one’s birthday.

But remember that it must be a feast not just for the stomachs, but for the eyes as well. So, if you’re thinking of doing this yourself, take inspiration from these tips:

Feature Different Treats

Decide on which specific desserts to include. For this, you must have the main dessert and side treats. Often, it’s the birthday cake that’s always the main dessert. Make it more special by customising it, recommends Cold Rock Ice Creamery. Choose to design an ice cream cake online, for instance, with your toddler’s personality and preferences in mind. Other options for desserts can be doughnuts, jellybeans, candies, lollipops, and cookies.

Be Mindful of the Theme

With all the ideas you’ve probably seen online, it’s easy to try everything and get sidetracked. Don’t be. The overall birthday theme should guide you on which colours to use and decorations to add. For example, if you’re having a fairytale-themed party, your dessert bar will most likely have lots of pinks. You may decorate it with ribbons and flowers.

Consider How to Display

Don’t just fill in the table with food—the presentation is important. Use different containers for the treats. You may have to use cake plates, cupcake stands, bowls, jars and trays. Don’t forget the backdrop, too. That’s what makes this whole set-up eye-catching. You may go for wallpaper that has the colours of the overall theme or streamers paired with pompoms for a visual pop.

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A dessert bar is an excellent addition to your kid’s birthday party. Give that sweet treat and visual feast to them and your guests.

  • Posted on August 8, 2018