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3 Ways of Dealing with Funeral Arrangements When Living Abroad

Mourning woman holding a red roseUpon retiring, many senior citizens consider moving to other European countries to spend their sunset years. A majority of them end up living in Spain. In the event that they die while in Spain, their families are faced with a strenuous period both emotionally and financially. That has resulted in a need to make prior funeral arrangements.

1. Plan ahead

Many people are opposed to the idea of planning their funerals due to various beliefs. However, making prior funeral plans has its benefits. Visit some of the expatriate funeral plan providers in Spain and inquire about their packages. Many of them provide full packages that cater for all burial-related activities, from the point of death to the burial ceremony itself. The packages are usually cheaper as they eliminate the need for family members to fly to Spain to make transport arrangements for their deceased family member.

2. Consider your current location

Every country has its own rules regarding funerals. In many countries, every death must be reported to the police. That is done to allow a government pathologist to ascertain that there was no foul play. It is after clearance has been made that funeral preparations can begin. There may also be other procedures that need to be followed. Such procedures differ based on your location. You must, therefore, take such issues into account.

3. Involve your family

When making prior funeral arrangements, many people fail to involve their family members since they feel that it may result in unnecessary stress. However, counsellors support the idea of informing one’s loved ones on the kind of funeral ceremony that you have made. It prepares them mentally on what to expect in the event that you pass away.

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For a long time, making prior arrangements has been considered to be a death wish. However, with time, people have realised its essence. In fact, it has become viewed as a way of protecting your loved ones against possible financial strains.

  • Posted on October 3, 2018