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4 Effective & Inexpensive Methods to Waterproof Your Home

Water damaged ceiling because of pipe leakWater seeping into to your home is the last thing you’d like to see. Things can get gross since it invites mildew and mould buildup, which may pose serious health risks to your family. Aside from that, it can also weaken your home’s overall structural integrity and foundation.

This is why you need to pay extra attention to how you could make your home more resistant to damages caused by water. Here are some steps you can do to prevent them:

Inspect the Roof Drainage

Ensure that your gutter system is directed away from the wall or your home’s overall foundation. Moisture-related build up often originates from the exterior part of your home. To prevent water from penetrating into your basement, maintain a five to 10 feet distance between the downspout and your home’s foundation.

Above Ground Level Windows & Openings

Keep any possible opening on your basement, like windows and ventilation system at above ground level. Ensure all gaps or cracks are tightly seal or shut off. This is to avoid the possibility of leaks or moisture within your place. Do this not only in your basement, but also in every part of your home.

Waterproof the Whole of Your Home

To add extra protection to both your interiors and exteriors, Waterproofing Direct says that you may use waterproofing products, which are readily available in many Sydney hardware shops. Although the installation may get a little too costly, the results are all for long-term.

Keep a Safe Distance from Roots

Sometimes, overgrown roots of trees and plants may cause cracks in your walls and that’s not a good thing. Mould and mildew usually made their way through your home even in the smallest gaps. To avoid this, keep a five to a 10-foot distance between your basement walls and plants.

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Save your home from the risks of water damages by following these steps. Aside from the abovementioned methods, make sure to have a professional contractor look into your home to learn more waterproofing solutions.

  • Posted on September 5, 2017