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4 Reasons to Sell Your Home in Cash

A house being put up for saleEver wondered why homeowners chose to sell their home for cash? There are many benefits to choosing this type of sale. It’s quick and it avoids the red tape associated with moving house.

Homeowners will move house on an average of every seven years, and more people are choosing to abandon traditional realtors in favor of a newer way to sell their home — a 100% cash sale.

Why Do People Sell Homes for Cash?

Klamengroup.com and other experts noted that people sell their homes for cash for a variety of reasons:

Stopping Repossession

If the bank is going to repossess the property, this can have a devastating effect on the owner’s credit rating and their ability to obtain credit in the future, including their ability to get a mortgage. People going through repossession may have to resort to renting or social housing. Selling a home in cash can take as little as a week and may stop the repossession, providing them with a cash sum that they can invest in a more affordable property.

To Sell Homes in Poor Repair

The property may be in a poor state of repair or have structural damage, leaving the bank unwilling to give potential buyers a mortgage. A cash transaction can solve the problem.


Marriage breakup is common and divorce brings with it the halving of finances. This leaves many separating couples unable to keep up with mortgage payments. Others simply want to sell quickly and move so they can make a fresh start. Some traditional realtors refuse to take divorce cases, fearing them as “messy” matters, but cash buyers will.

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Retirement Costs

When reaching the retirement years, some seniors find that there’s not enough in the pot to fund their pension. Failing health may mean having to move to residential care and foot the expensive bill that comes with that. Using cash from a previous home can pay for care needs.

For more details on selling houses fast, get in touch with a company that has years of experience in helping families move — fast.

  • Posted on November 3, 2017