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4 Sturdy Materials for a Lasting Signage Post

SignagesFrom small blackboard signs in front of stores to big, imposing billboards on freeways, signage posts are effective marketing tools for businesses. With its different shapes and sizes, they communicate your brand’s message to your customers in the most straightforward manner.

They are extra effective when the messages are witty and contain images that make people stop and pay attention.

Like every investment you put into your business, you have to consider the budget and how long the signage posts will be beneficial. If you cannot afford billboards just yet, you can settle for smaller outdoor signage posts. To make sure you maximise your investment, here are four sturdy materials that can withstand the elements.

1. Wood

Wood is durable and relatively cheap. The material is also versatile, and you can apply different techniques. This includes carving, painting and burning. With appropriate treatment, wood can last for years.

2. Corflute Sheets

Corflute sheets are very durable and can withstand the effects of UV exposure, which makes them perfect for an outdoor signage post. Since corflute vendors also apply corona treatment, you can directly print your message into the material and can minimise the cost of extra materials.

3. Acrylic

Acrylic signs are ideal for both indoor and outdoor signage. They are highly durable and versatile since they come in different colours. They are ideal to use when putting up your business’ name at your front window or lobby, or you can use them as wall directories.

4. Aluminium

Aluminium is a trusted material when it comes to outdoor signs. It does not rust so you do not have to worry about the rain corroding the material. It is also lightweight and durable.

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It is important to choose durable materials for your signage posts so they can serve your business longer. This will ensure you get the most out of the money you invested in them.

  • Posted on February 28, 2017