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4 Ways to Give Your Beloved Departed a Meaningful Memorial Service

Coffin Bearers Carrying the Casket of Loved OneThe funeral of a loved one offers grieving friends and family the opportunity to express their love and respect for the departed. It also helps the people left behind come to terms with the reality that their loved one is gone.

If you are in the same situation, here are four tips that help you celebrate the life and unique qualities of your beloved departed one last time.

Choose the Perfect Casket

The casket is, in essence, the final house of your departed loved one. With that said, choose a ready-made one that matches their personality. Alternatively, you can have Salt Lake City casket providers like McDougal Funeral Home personalize one for them.

Compile Photos and Videos

Photos and videos help you relive the memories of your departed loved ones. Compile photos and videos that show them at different periods of their lives and display them through a projector during the funeral service. You can also prepare photo albums for grieving friends and family members to browse through as a reminder of their life.

Select Special Music

Preparing your loved one’s favorite music and playing it at the funeral service is a special way to commemorate them. It is, after all, a reminder of who they were. Alternatively, you can hire singers to perform their favorite song or assemble family members to do it instead.

Use a Special Headstone

A special headstone is a touching way to show your respect and love for the departed. Get in touch with a headstone provider to artistically create one that ensures that they will stay in your memory way after the funeral. You may even include a message or quote as a final tribute.

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The funeral service is a long-recognized tradition by people of different cultures from around the world. It is the one chance you get to bid the departed a final goodbye. Make the most of the occasion to express your deepest feelings for them.

  • Posted on March 13, 2017