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4 Ways to Make Your House Safer For Elders

Daughter assisting her senior mom at homeWith old age, the health and the ability of the body to recover from injuries also decline. As such, it is important for the immediate family of the elderly to maintain a safer environment.

If you are clueless on where to start, the following ideas from batteryclerk.com may help you:

Make sure the wheelchair is ready

There is no denying that wheelchairs are very handy when dealing with the elderly. Always make sure that the wheelchair in the house is always ready. If the battery is damaged or no longer working, have a replacement battery installed so that the wheelchair can run properly.

Install grab bars in the bathroom

Elders are prone to slipping and falling in the bathroom. To avoid these, you may install a few grab bars so that they can hold on to a support structure. This improves safety in the bathroom and adds a sense of style to the room.

Put more lighting

One of the defining characteristics of old age is the decline in visual ability. This increases the risk of falls, which could be fatal given the fragility of their body. As such, make sure you have adequate lighting in the most accessible parts of the house. These include bathrooms, hallways, and bedrooms.

Place a phone near the bed

Most elders spend a big part of their day in bed. Should they have any emergency, it is best to put a phone next to the bed so they can make or answer the phone easily.

At the end of the day, taking the necessary precautions will keep your elder loved one safe at home and give you peace of mind. Follow these tips to maintain a comfortable and safe home environment for your family.

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  • Posted on September 7, 2017