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6 of the Most Used Languages in the Business World

Languages of the Business WorldIn the era of globalization, companies worldwide have to work together to prosper. A language translation company in Singapore, Lingua Technologies International, says technology has all but erased national boundaries, bringing the planet — and the business world — closer. This is why English is widely spoken in many countries across all continents. It is not, however, the only language spoken by the business community.

Here are six more of the world’s most used business languages


With around 873 million native speakers, Mandarin is undoubtedly a prevalent language worldwide. The Chinese economy is inching its way closer to being the global first, and many expect it to hold the top position by 2020. This shows the significance of the language in the business world. What’s more, Bloomberg says it is the top business language after English.


Spanish is next on the list, with over 406 million native speakers. The language is quite beneficial in business, given that it is among Europe’s most popular and the leading language in many Latin economies.


With an estimated 223 million native Arabic speakers, Arabic is the fifth most spoken language in the world. It is widely used among Middle Eastern companies, which provide many business opportunities.


Portuguese, with 202 million native speakers, is another widely spoken language that opens doors to numerous business opportunities. After all, it is the official language of ten countries in three different continents: Asia, South America and Africa.


The 160 million native Russian speakers show that even if it is a difficult language to learn, Russian provides many opportunities business-wise. For companies targeting European investments, bookmark this language because it is prevalent in central and eastern Europe.

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Those in the business world might be interested to know that Japan is the second-largest economy in the world and has the third highest Gross Domestic Product. The language has around 127 million native speakers.

You don’t need to speak all of them for your business to thrive, though. That’s what you have translators for.

  • Posted on October 6, 2016