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A Quick Guide to Preparing For a Hurricane

Giant Hurricane Seen From SpaceProbably the worst thing that families who reside near coastlines could do is to delay preparing for hurricanes and tropical storms. Based on the National Hurricane Center, the best way to ensure safety during such events is to prepare for the risks in advance.

Besides getting in touch with their catastrophe insurance adjuster, they also have to follow the safety guidelines and avoid freaking out when the time comes.

Plan Your Evacuation

Storm surges are among the primary reasons residents need to evacuate. It’s an abnormal rise in the level of water produced by the strong winds brought by the storm. The National Hurricane Center reveals that this rise can reach as much as 20 feet and can stretch over coastlines for hundreds of miles.

The authorities advise residents to determine if they’re living in a hurricane-prone location. This means that they must leave their homes whenever there is a hurricane. They must also figure out their local government’s evacuation plan and evacuation areas in advance.

Meanwhile, those who live in high-rise buildings or mobile homes still need to evacuate even if they don’t belong in an evacuation location. On the other hand, people living outside these areas would still need to plan for their safety.

Prepare Supplies

Another important factor that you need to consider is your supplies in order to survive through it all. You need to buy these well before any storm announcements and store them for safekeeping. If you wait last minute, you’ll be stuck in long lines and some of what you need could even be out of stock.

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Always have a hurricane kit that includes a first aid kit, local maps, flashlight and batteries, whistle, and hand-cranked or battery-powered radio. These kits must also have food, water, clothing, and blankets.

Weather forecasts might be able to warn you when there is a hurricane coming, but that’s not an excuse to prepare last minute. Prepare for the worst while the weather is clear.

  • Posted on July 7, 2017