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Adding a Touch to Your Pavers with Sealing with Landscapers

Worker laying paverA paver sealer is a substance of acrylic or siloxane compound that rejuvenates the look of pavers upon application. Pave sealers bond with the surface of the pavers to reduce the rate of water damage on your pavements to increase their service life.

There are benefits to sealing your pavers. Here are four most common reasons that landscapers like Oakleigh Manor in Essex highlight:

Enhances the Appearance

Pave sealers reveal the contrasts, colours, and contours of your pavers more excellently than they would without the sealer. Also, some sealers make the pavers assume a wet look to create a more beautiful look.

Offers Protection from Staining

Applying sealants to pavers makes them less-porous to water and other liquid spills. Low porosity is the characteristic that keeps substances from absorbing substances that pour on the surface of the pavement. Thus, sealed pavers cannot get stains from dirt or oils. Also, it is easy to clean up stains from such sealed pavers.

Minimizes Displacement

Factors such as rain or wind can displace pavers. Yes, even a fraction of an inch in displacement can compromise the structural integrity of your pavements. You can avoid that by installing joint stabilising sealers to reduce the movement of pavers from an external element.

Protects the Pavers from Fading

The sun’s ultraviolet rays can deteriorate the natural look of your pavers and may ultimately contribute to the breaking away of the paver. But, you will argue that concrete is durable; and, you will be right. However, you fail to notice that the coloured pigments, which are also components of the pavers, fade with time. But, with proper sealing, you can counteract this fading.

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There are numerous types of sealers, but, regardless of your choice of sealer among the different paver sealers in the market, sealing your pavers protect them from harsh elements and traffic and keeps them looking elegant for ages, advises landscapers in Essex.


  • Posted on December 20, 2017