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All the Things You Can Do This Weekend (if You Disconnect from Your Smartphone)

Man Holding a SmartphoneYou can’t deny how smartphones have made life easier and more convenient, but they have also brought about a radical change in the way people connect with each other and with life in general. You no longer chat with the person in front of you at the checkout line at the supermarket, nor do you still really catch up with your friends at the restaurant. You’re all glued to your devices, so that even if you’re somewhere with someone, you’re also somewhere else with something or someone else.

It is often necessary for people to “disconnect” for a little while to still enjoy the simple pleasures of life. If you’re constantly feeling bugged by your push email notifications, or dangerously addicted to counting the number of “hearts” and “likes” your social media posts get, you need a real break.

Try starting with spending a weekend alone, with your devices all turned off. Here are some ideas you should try:

Take a long walk

When was the last time you took a walk without wearing earphones, or actually watched where you were going? This weekend, leave your phone at home and take a long walk in the park. Savor your surroundings. You might even take it a step further and go on a mini solo hike with a backpack and a sleeping bag. The important thing is to reconnect with nature and the world around you.

Order your favorite food

You’ve been taking photos of your meals with friends for Instagram, but the truth is what you post isn’t really what you like to eat. You’d much rather call 24-hour pizza delivery in Janesville, Minnesota and have an entire pizza all to yourself. This weekend is your opportunity to eat what you truly love. Wash it down with a cold one as you flip through the pages of a novel you’ve been meaning to read for a while.

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Balance your checkbook

You spend more time hopping from one social network to another than balancing your checkbook. This weekend, take out your calculator, gather your receipts, and start working on your budget. You’ll thank yourself when you’re done.

Detail your car

Hit the automotive supply or handyman store and buy new cleaning, polishing, and sealing products for your car. This time, don’t just hose down your car and wipe it dry; be more thorough and give it more TLC. Do it step by step, from cleaning the engine bay and the wheels to applying carnauba for protection. That gleaming reflection on your car’s clear coat when you’re done is rewarding enough.

Enjoy a long, hot bath

No ringing or beeping phone means no worries. So disconnect, run a hot bath, and pop open a bottle of your favorite wine. Play some soft music and light a few perfumed candles. Enjoy your bath for as long as you want.

Disconnecting is sometimes necessary to take pleasure in the simple things that life has to offer. Try it this weekend. You deserve it.

  • Posted on March 18, 2017