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Are You Ready to Use the Expanded Text Ads?

Google AdWordsGoogle added, and in some ways drastically changed, one of the features of AdWords. The wrinkle is expanded text ads for advertisers. Anxiety became hope, and finally turned to realistic expectations of this change. Knowing the best practices with this new feature enables you to use it to your advantage.

Not Just Another Headline

A successful ad before may lead to laziness; the expanded text ads may just be another way to add a second headline. This may seem like a nice strategy; however, you are only adding more words to say something, which may confuse viewers or even reduce click-through rates. Based on Disruptive Advertising’s suggestions, to make full use of AdWords management, why not use the extra character limit to add more value propositions. This strengthens the message you are conveying and may boost conversion rates.

The Importance of Messaging

The new expanded text ads provide advertisers with the largest field in the description. One way to use this feature fully is to hone your messaging in the two headlines. The copy you use may have a profound influence on the clicking habit of visitors. Spend time testing different phrases that focus on your headlines to identify which combinations deliver the results you want.

Keep The Main Thing The Main Thing

The additional text limit provides you with the opportunity to use two headlines. However, you must focus on the first one because the second may not come out or it may display as an extension of the former. Say what you need to say on the first one to deliver the message immediately.

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These practices allow you to leverage the expanded text ads to gain competitive advantages, and boost click-through and conversion rates. This new wrinkle also enables you to convey your message and include a longer version of your brand’s value proposition.

  • Posted on October 20, 2016