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Bird Perches: What Are Your Options?

Green parrot on a wooden perchMost birds, regardless of type or size, spend their time either standing or flying. This is why you will always find birds resting on tree branches or fencing wires all the time.

Whether sleeping or wake, birds remain in the same position for the better part of their lives. As such, pet owners should get the best perches for their birds for them to remain comfortable.

That said, before you buy bird accessories on the internet, here are some of the types of bird perches worth considering:

Dowel Bird Perch

In most cases, this bird perch comes with an original cage. It is both durable and suitable for various bird sizes, and it is available in various lengths and sizes. Some of its features include end caps or slotted ends to sustain the perch in place. While the shape works for most birds, you can also get an extra roosting object to provide the bird with a variety of shapes and surfaces.

Cement Bird Perches

If you want a hard surface for your bird, then a cement perch is the way to go. It helps in trimming the nails of the bird. This saves you the trouble of trimming them. However, it is advisable that you provide your bird with another softer surface material as continuous use of the cement surface hurts the bird’s feet.


If you are looking for an easy and affordable way of providing your pet with a perfect perch, then plastic would be a good option. Plastic perches are not only easy to clean but are also durable. However, since plastic material is harmful when ingested, make sure that your pet does not swallow plastic.

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While most perch materials and sizes work well for most birds, some birds have their perch material preference. The reason for this is that some birds like chewing on materials while others find comfort on standing on certain ones. You should therefore consider your bird’s preference.

  • Posted on February 6, 2018