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Burial and Cremation: A Comparison

a white rose in a funeral homeYou can celebrate the life of a loved one who’s passed in many ways. Experts say that headstones are a time-honored tribute to the life of a deceased loved one. A cremation is another option. But many people still have a hard time choosing between a burial or cremation. Sometimes, family members have different beliefs and preference.

But no matter what happens, it’ll all boil down to choosing what’s proper and practical. McDougal Funeral Home shares some of the things you can consider before deciding whether to go for cremation or headstones in Salt Lake City.


Reports show that the rates of cremation have increased in the past two years compared to burials, and have also been projected to continue rising. The top two factors that affect this decision are religion and age.

Advantages of Cremation

A funeral service is something families can still have, before or after the cremation. Cremation is cheaper than burials if you don’t choose too many add-on services. It also gives families more time to think about what to do with the ashes. Some religions, however, are against cremation and it may make mourning for your loved one more difficult.

Advantages of a Burial

A burial gives families a place to visit and remember their loved ones. It is also considered the more traditional way of honoring the deceased. Most religions require a burial, which may give families the closure they need. Some families look at burials as a more expensive option. Visiting the grave may also be difficult for some family members, especially those who live far away.

Whichever you choose will be the way you’ll celebrate and honor the life of your loved one who passed away. Your choice will depend on many factors, which is why you must consult every member of your family and come up with the most sensible and practical decision.

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  • Posted on January 5, 2018