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Buy the Best Kindergarten Nap Mats

Kids playing before getting to napKindergarten sleeping mats are a significant part of daycare and childcare centres. Many of these educational facilities offer sleeping mats for their young charges to relax and sleep. When choosing a kinder mat, the important qualities you should consider are comfort and safety. These mats should also be easy to clean, carry and to store. The following are the other primary factors that you need to consider when buying kindergarten sleep mats.


Most sleeping mats for kids measure two inches in thickness. This means that before you purchase a nap mat for your child, it is vital to consider what you need. Make sure that the mat you purchase is at least 3.81 centimetres thick while the covers make up for the remaining 1.27 centimetres.


The material for the sleeping mat should be comfortable. Some mats are made of a hard and scratchy material that may cause redness and itchiness on children’s skin. Choosing mats made of hypoallergenic fabrics would ensure that children will have a sound sleep and relaxation time.

Cleaning instructions

If you need to purchase several sleeping mats for your daycare centre, it’s best to choose materials made of easy to clean plastic. Make sure that the mats include cleaning instructions that will help your staff clean them quickly. This will also ensure that the mat will not get damaged prematurely.

Different Types of Mats

There are many different kinds of mats in the market. You could choose from breathable, thick cotton blankets to plastic foam mats made of memory foam. Choose the right one that suits your budget and what suits your kindergarten or daycare centre.

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When it comes to your pre-schooler’s comfort and relation, you need to make sure they get the best mats with high-quality materials. Choose sleeping mats with these features, and you’ll see lots of your pupils nodding off to sleep in no time.

  • Posted on September 26, 2017