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Buying School Furniture: What You Need to Know

children raising hands during recitationIn keeping up with the increasing demand for providing quality education, the classroom setting also plays a major role in the student’s learning experience. One of the priorities of educators and school administrators is to provide the appropriate furniture in and out of the classrooms.

But how could you choose the right school furniture in Australia? Read on to find out.


As the school administrator, your job involves decision-making when it comes to buying school furniture and other teaching equipment. Before deciding, make sure it can answer these questions:

  • What is the use of the furniture and what is its relevance when it comes to student learning?
  • Is it worth the money, especially that furniture usually does not come cheap?

If the positive outweighs the negative, then there is a good reason to buy it.


Furniture should fit perfectly and blend appropriately with the room setting. Unless you accurately got its measurement, you cannot just simply buy and place the furniture anywhere. Bigger furniture just does not fit in every corner and space of a classroom or patio, which in turn, could become a safety hazard.

Any obstruction, big or small, can cause accidents, especially for children. So, if there is no perfect fit available, it is better to contact the manufacturer and ask for custom fit furniture pieces. Prioritise the well-being and safety of students when buying classroom furniture.


Will it be a permanent fixture, or does it need to be moved from time to time? Find the perfect spot if the furniture is intended to be fixed. If it is intended to be stored when necessary, placing it inside a storage room is a good option for safekeeping purpose.

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Investing in the student’s future is not just about teaching them lessons. Making the students feel comfortable inside the classroom is key to their success. So, choose the right furniture wisely, as it can make a big difference.

  • Posted on April 16, 2018