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Can You Install Hardwood Flooring in Your Kitchen?

man cleaning hardwood floorYour kitchen floor, more than all the other surfaces in your house, takes the brunt of just about anything—spills, shoe tracks, dirty paw prints, and all sorts of nicks and scratches. That’s the main reason your kitchen floor should be as durable as can be.

So now, you’re remodeling and would like to have hardwood floors. Yes, you could install hardwood flooring in your kitchen, of course. Here are some of the things you need to know:

Hardwood vs. softwood

When it comes to durability, hardwoods like oak, cherry, maple, and ash are kings, while softwoods like pine are prone to denting, even if it’s treated. When comparing species of wood, you need to consider their grain. For example, oak has that distinct grain pattern that effectively conceals dents and dirt buildup. As for the edges, go for wooden strips with squared edges, as these will create taut, close-fitting seams that will easily block out debris.

Majority of finishes for hardwood floors are very suitable for even the busiest kitchens, notes an experienced hardwood floor maintenance specialist in Utah. For instance, water-based finishes are popular since they preserve the color of the wood and could be easily recoated or touched up. One example is the acrylic-impregnated finish, which is the most durable of all since it could penetrate the wood and not just act as a coating. And while they’re more costly, they’re more durable and don’t require that much upkeep.


The best way to care for hardwood flooring is simply to wipe away spills as soon as possible to avoid staining and follow the cleaning guidelines of the manufacturer. For maximum protection, put rugs or mats in strategic places such as in front of the sink, cooking area, and appliances as well as entrances. You should also place protective pads and tips under your furniture.

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Solid hardwood flooring like maple, ash, and oak could last for up to a hundred years and refinished up to 12 times. Wood will never go out of style and will give you a great return on investment should you decide to sell your home in the future.

  • Posted on January 30, 2018