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Choosing the Right Sling for Patient Lifts

A man with an arm sling reading a document with his wifeIt can be tricky manoeuvring people with disabilities from one place to another. There are wheelchairs and scooters; however, lifting someone manually without any form of apparatus is often down to the skill and strength of the carer moving the person with the disability. Patient lifts are helpful in lifting a patient or disabled person, and they work hand in hand with lift slings. The slings wrap around the body of the disabled person and secure them to a lift. So what features do you look out for when buying a disability sling?


The material in the sitting and lifting area can either consist of a mesh, polyester or padded material. A lift sling can also have more than one type of material for more benefits.


Polyester is a go-to material when different people will be using one sling. The material is easy to clean and minimises any chances of infections.


Padded slings have extra material for added comfort and work best for individuals with sensitive skin or skin conditions. You should use padded slings if you know you are not likely to come into contact with water.


Mesh is breathable and hence suitable for use in high-moisture areas or where you need to wash the sling often.

Lift slings are available in the following shapes:

Split Legged

This type of sling separates the legs to prevent the users knees knocking. It also helps distribute the weight evenly for a comfortable posture.


Universal slings pass under the legs to offer extra support and enhance uniform pressure distribution by the body.

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U-shape slings are similar to the universal slings except that they do not have a support structure for the head.

Full body Sling

This type of sling assumes a square shape that can hold the entire body during the lifting process. The patient lies, and the sling supports their weight from head to foot.

Patient lifts have revolutionised the manner in which the caregivers attend to the sick and disabled people. Getting the right disability sling for your lift will improve the effectiveness and functionality of the lift.

  • Posted on July 30, 2018