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Common Pests That Cleaning Companies Can Keep in Check

RatPest control is often a handy service to have in offices. Unfortunately, it can cost quite a bit of money, and it can mess up your company’s work schedule. It pays to know that the numbers of some of the most common pests that you can find in the workplace can be brought down by simply keeping your work areas clean and tidy.


Cockroaches are everywhere, regardless of the level of cleanliness. Sure, you can’t totally drive them out of an area completely but hiring a provider of cleaning services based in San Diego can reduce their numbers to a manageable level. If there’s hardly any garbage or leftovers that they can raid or unclean space to reside in, they won’t have much reason to stay.


It might be unthinkable that you will see mice and rats at work, especially if your company’s office space is in one of those modern high-rise buildings. However, it is still very possible but it’s possible as long as they have some way of entering your area they can make your office their new habitat. Cleaning regularly with the help of an expert janitorial service can remove all possible places for breeding and food sources for these pests, which will discourage them from making themselves at home.


If you have places in your office where water is left standing for a long while, like vases and gutters, there’s a huge chance that you’ll eventually end up with mosquitoes. Not only do their bites itch, but some species bring really bad diseases. It’s best that you replace any standing water regularly and have any gutters cleaned out by a professional cleaning service.

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If done well, regular cleaning can minimize the spread and effect of vermin in your office. Not only that, but it can be done by a separate company while your company focuses on running its business. Professional janitorial services can assure you that you get expert and intensive sanitation service to keep those pesky pests away.

  • Posted on April 19, 2017