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Construction Site Warning Signs You Should Know by Now

Safety first signWhen you’re on the road, there can be a lot of signs that may bombard you. These could be billboards for shows, signboards of shopping malls, or warning signs for safety. Among these signs, the third one is what you should pay the most attention to because your life may depend on it.

Construction sites for roads or buildings usually have such warning and safety signs. Here are some you may have encountered already.

Warning: Construction Area

Personal protective equipment (PPE) signs and meanings vary, but many of them bear a warning you’re in the vicinity of a construction area. This means that they only allow entry to authorized people with protective equipment like helmets and masks.

Danger: No Trespassing

This sign deters people from trespassing or venturing into a restricted area. This may be because electric or chemical hazards are present, such as those in industrial plants. You can also put this sign at construction sites to prevent individuals from entering and getting hurt.

Warning: Loud Noise

Whenever road construction is ongoing or underground pipes undergo maintenance, construction workers use drilling machinery. These power tools are so noisy that the workers have to wear earmuffs while operating them. They also have to post this signage to warn pedestrians of the loud noise.

Warning: Flying Debris

Building constructions always bring the risk of stray debris flying out, which is why these sites normally have nets installed above nearby streets to catch falling debris.

In conclusion, the signs you might have seen outside are there to prevent accidents, which would not only potentially cost lives but also money for the business owners or the family of those injured. Always heed these signs and stay safe.

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  • Posted on July 6, 2018