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Courier Services: A Crucial Aspect of Your eCommerce Business

A delivery man smilingMost businesses these days have a physical location. eCommerce is currently one of the fastest-growing ventures. The most prominent pain point for most ecommerce business owners is logistics.

Untraceable, lost and delayed deliveries are among the typical issues most business owners deal with. Partnering with a reputable Ottawa courier services company is the solution to these problems. Here are some tips for working efficiently with a courier service to improve your ecommerce business operations.

1. Use multiple shipping options.

Customers are willing to pay extra for first-class value-added services, according to recent research in ecommerce trends. Offer your customers several shipping options, including free delivery, express courier, and others to ensure they are satisfied.

2. Optimize your packet sizes.

Optimizing packet sizes economizes your shipping costs since weight is one of the determinants of charges. Divide your orders into small packets or club 2-3 small orders into one.

Consider getting software that helps you calculate your packet sizes. This will aid you in optimizing your packets’ sizes and might also warn you on pooling products that might damage each other.

3. Track your delivery.

There are technological advancements in the courier industry that can help you track your products after they leave your warehouse. Utilizing this type of service helps keep you and your customers engaged and informed of your product’s transit.

This increases your customer satisfaction by bringing them as close as possible to an authentic shopping experience.

Even the best products at times have faults. Have an easy return policy for your products to infuse customer assurance and increase your probability of re-orders. Work out a detailed pickup procedure with your courier service provider to ensure you replace defective products and help you retain your customers.

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  • Posted on January 26, 2018