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Decorating Tips for a Better Home Office

Couple Checking Their House's Blueprints

If you are self-employed or a freelancer, it is best to set up a home office, so you will have space away from the noise and activity of your house. Thus, it is important to decorate your office in a way that will maximize work efficiency and at the same time, provide ease and comfort.

Improve Lighting

Open your windows and let natural light flood your home office. Install light fixtures to illuminate your office at night. Proper lighting will not only add to the coziness of the space, but it will also increase work efficiency as good lighting prevents eye strains and headaches.

As with your shelves, choose lighting fixtures that go with your home décor. If you have vintage-style interiors, go for a unique vintage lamp. Choose modern lighting fixtures for contemporary and industrial style homes.


Start decluttering your work area. Install shelves or cubbyholes to keep work files, materials and other items in. To prevent your home office from looking like a regular, boring workplace, choose shelving that goes with your home’s décor.

Improve Efficiency

There are several ways to increase the efficiency of your home office. Start with your chair. Since you will be spending a lot of time seated, choose an ergonomic office chair that will provide ample support for your back. Also, choose a chair that you can adjust the height of so your monitor is at the proper eye-level.

Consider investing in an ergonomic keyboard and mouse to keep your hands and wrists at a comfortable position and prevent injury.

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Lastly, be inspired to work by adding personal items in your home office. These could be photos of your loved ones, works of art, trinkets and souvenirs that you picked up in your travels, collectibles and the like.

  • Posted on July 20, 2017