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Designing a Food Van That Wows

A fleet of commercial delivery vansMobile food businesses are the rave in Victoria, but this industry is also highly regulated. The country puts a lot of pressure in providing not only high-quality but also safe food for the public.

Besides completing your business permits, you need to go through inspections. The government will also require anybody who handles food to have a food handler certificate.

Victoria doesn’t need you to submit a plan to get approval. But it’s not an excuse to go crazy or lazy with your design. When it comes to creating a food van that works, here are a few ideas:

1. Vinyl Wrapping

The visual appeal begins on the outside. Although you can paint your truck, vinyl wrapping is better. It provides more vibrant colours to your van. You can play around with the design. It takes a while to install, and you may need an expert for this. It is also costly, but the beauty of it is priceless. It is also safer than paint, which can interact with exposure to flammable materials.

2. Van Shelves

You’ll need as much space as possible to move around the kitchen of your food van. You can’t afford to get yourself injured on a busy day. Jaram suggests adding van shelves to make them your pantry or storage for store pots and pans. Another advantage of installing van shelves is you can reduce the chances of contamination significantly.

3. Standard Compliance

It doesn’t matter if your van is the most beautiful in Victoria. If it doesn’t pass the inspection, you cannot sell anything. Your vehicle, therefore, should be compliant with the provisions of the Food Safety Standards. Some of the areas you have to pay attention to are sewage, water supply, lighting, and ventilation.

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With all these in mind, those who wish to run a food van must seriously consider letting a professional fit-out company do the job. These people are not only experts but are also aware of food safety standards.


  • Posted on August 10, 2017