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Drop the Magazines: Why Hiring Pro Painters is Smarter the DIY-ing

a neon yellow door in a houseSo, you just bought a home. You open the door for the first time as the home’s owner, burn sage for good energy, and plan your housewarming party.

Then you look at the cement walls as if they’re canvases waiting for their first stroke of paint – or perhaps, for the coat of paint in the palette you prefer.

You’re probably thinking of whipping out that Pinterest board or home decor magazine and buying some wall painting supplies this weekend. Stop right there—because hiring someone to do the paint job for you might actually be the smarter choice. Here’s why:

It’s safer

Perhaps that steeply pitched roof or ceiling is a little beyond your reach. While house painting is generally not a life-threatening undertaking, it can be a risky chore — especially if you’re working on a three-story Victorian with multiple dormers, for instance. You have to deal with ladders, solvents, and dust; plus, older houses may also be coated with toxic lead paint.

Professional painters are licensed, and they are trained to paint even from meters off the ground. They have the necessary equipment, like stepladders and scaffolding, and they know how to handle dangerous situations and substances, as well as mitigate the risks.

Pros provide quality work

Painting a house is nothing like putting poster paint on a piece of paper. If you try the DIY route, you’ll end up with missed spots, uneven painting, and drips; you might not be able to maintain a steady hand and mix the paints correctly. The taping may come off looking sloppy, too.

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A professional painter, on the other hand, can give you real quality work. Pros like American Town Painting, for instance, have the expertise and the right tools to paint your house to perfection.

It’s faster

Painting can be painstaking work. Why torment yourself for days only to possibly end up with a bad paint job, when you can have the pros do it so quickly? Hire contractors or expert home painters, as they can typically paint large homes in about a week. Most homeowners who only have time to paint on the weekend may take two to three months to paint the entire house.

Between rolling up your sleeves and hiring a professional painter, the latter is obviously the smarter choice. So, drop the magazines, close that Pinterest board—and welcome the professional painters in.

  • Posted on February 14, 2018