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Effective Management of Business Waste

Waste disposal binsAs a business, you are expected to keep waste to a minimum. This calls for your efforts to lessen, reuse, recycle and recover waste. This is so that very little of it ends up in a landfill. According to the UK Environmental Protection Act, it is the duty of the business:

  • To handle the waste safely
  • Verify that the waste carriers are registered and have the right permits
  • Handling waste
  • Waste transfer centres

Sending business waste to household waste recycling centres is illegal. Instead, business waste should be disposed at waste transfer stations. These stations are operated by third-party contractors who charge for the service. The waste is usually charged based on its weight.

Waste management companies

You can hire a waste management company instead of having to handle the waste on your own. Skip waste hire is an ideal and cheap option for businesses. A waste management firm takes care of waste from the point of production to eventual disposal. The waste management firm collects the skip once it is full and handles the waste disposal.

Waste transfer notes

The UK environmental laws require a signed Waster Transfer Note (WTN) for every waste that leaves the premises. The WTN describes the kind and source of the waste, the details of the waste carrier and the location of the waste transfer.

Waste hierarchy

The law requires businesses to show that they have taken steps to ensure that very little waste gets to the landfills. With a total waste management solution, the waste management can handle the recycling and reuse of the waste such that no waste or minimal waste gets to the landfill.

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Understand the environmental laws before disposing of your waste. It helps prevent legal procedures from failure to adhere to the laws. It is also important that the business lower the carbon footprint as a responsibility to the environment.

  • Posted on January 24, 2018