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Factors to Consider When Designing an Office Layout

Man Working on Office Layout

Designing and planning a new office layout is not only exciting but also overwhelming in many ways. The reason being is you need to consider factors such as lighting, desk arrangement, and the location of shared items and so on.

To ensure that you waste minimal or no time in this exercise, you should hire professionals in office design in Melbourne such as Aspect Commercial Interiors to do it for you

In the realm of planning an office design, here are three factors that should come first.


The amount of office space that you require is dependent on the office layout that you choose – whether cubicles or open plan office design. If you have no idea on how to utilise the available space, get professional help to ensure that you use every inch of the space.

As a result, you will be in a position to manage your space easily efficiently and effectively. Additionally, plenty of space ensures that in the case of an emergency such as a fire, your staff has plenty of space to exit from.

Plenty of Natural Light

Availability of enough natural light translates to a productive office. Unlike fluorescent lighting, natural light helps people see things better without affecting their eyesight. Fluorescent lighting is popular to cause eye strains, headaches, and fatigue to eyes.

In fact, according to a recent study on young adults, it said more exposure to natural light helps you in staying alive and awake, unlike artificial lighting, which makes you feel drowsy.

Storage Space

This happens to be the most underestimated area in modern office designing. Besides using paperless storage solutions such as cloud data storage, incorporate various physical storage methods to optimise the functionality of your office.

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To ease the storage space headache, it is advisable that you choose the right type of furniture with storage space.

After you move in into your new office, you might still have to arrange and rearrange various areas to suit everyone. Always ask the help of a professional to know what to do.

  • Posted on July 26, 2017