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First Impressions Matter, Even Online

 Significance of First Impressions OnlineIt might seem unreal, but impressing your digital audience involves plenty of science and analysis. Even though several studies point out the best practices to apply, most who own a website are most likely just trying to wing it. Although buying web traffic from YourTrafficHits does help, they still need to incorporate the best practices.

Each time they do not follow the practices, they lose conversion and traffic. The majority of their visitors will only consume less than 15 seconds of their time on the website, so they have to make the most of it. To make them linger a little longer, below are the things that you could do.

Your site has to be visual.

The foundation of modern web design is beautiful, evocative, rich, and high-quality images. Studies reveal that the sales of a business increased when they improved the size and quality of the photo. On the other hand, a video also causes a huge stir on visitors. Have a video on your landing page to boost conversion rates to around 80 percent.

Your site has to sound human.

The write-ups you have on your website can have an instantaneous impact on the perception of a visitor. If your writing sounds stoic, clinical or is selling too much, they will view your website in a negative way. Incorporate an editorial-style web copy that charms the sensibilities, emotions and needs of users. Replace those corporate speak, pitches and jargons with a more personable kind of writing.

For instance, you can introduce your website to visitors using the names and photos of your team members. This type of copy showcases a friendly, welcoming and natural website.

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Always remember that you only have a few seconds to wow your visitors. Ensure that what they see as soon as they open your site will make them stay. Incorporate the above checklist to help you make a good impression. 

  • Posted on January 25, 2017