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From Desk ’til Dawn: Types of Office Worktables

a modern and functional office deskOffice desks are the major components of an office. With growth and development in the construction industry, different types, designs, and sizes are being developed to suit various people. Modern working techniques call for modern office solutions.

Urban95 knows that modern office furniture transforms your place of work to a versatile, inspiring, and multi-faceted setting. With the array of office products available for all the areas in your office, you need more than just a shopping list and cash to purchase an industrial office desk.

1. Reception desk

This is the primary feature of any office. They should be moderately elegant and not too dramatic since they should depict the mood and business orientation of your office.

Don’t buy a reception desk before determining the shape of space that you will put it in. This is because it is a common mistake to buy one that is too huge.

2. Open-space desk

With the development of tech hub in modern office setups, the open-space office desk has increased in popularity. This model allows for a huge number of office occupants to work on the same desk, hence taking less space.

It is best suited for small businesses with space issues as well as businesses that have inter-related office jobs.

3. Executive office desk

Executive office desks are available in either modern or antique types. In most cases, suppliers customize them to include specific items and features the user will require.

For instance, it could have a computer panel, locking drawers, and an extended unit side for additional desktop space. Antique desks usually have carved trims and brass knob details making the desk standout.

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Before purchasing office furniture, consider the existing pieces in your office. This way, you will not have clashing designs and colors in the same office. Additionally, consider their sustainability and maintenance to ensure that they last long.

  • Posted on February 23, 2018