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Gaining Loyal Customers through Proper Warehouse Organisation

Organised WarehouseOnline shopping is a growing trend in Australia and around the globe. This means that there might be more customers who do their shopping on your website instead of going to one of your stores. In order for your delivery service to keep up with this demand, you’ll have to adapt some changes to your existing operation.

Having a properly organised warehouse is one way to maintain efficiency. You will be able to deliver the products on time, thereby increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty. Here’s how to achieve that.

Categorise Products Properly

Organising your inventory can save you from a headache. Store similar items together and devise a numbering system, so you’ll able to keep track of the items easily. You’ll never have to worry about cancelling orders just because you couldn’t locate the ordered items on time.

Use Proper Containers

Merely categorising products in the warehouse is not enough. You need to place products in proper containers to preserve them. Doing so will also make for an easier retrieval process. You can utilise still cages for those products that are selling quickly. These containers are stackable easily lifted with a forklift. Since the cages are see-through, you could also determine when your stocks are dwindling. This will help you secure more items in preparation for more orders.

Find a Skilled Warehouse Foreman

Aside from those who retrieve and stock items at the warehouse, there should be a capable warehouse foreman who will be keeping things in order. He or she will have to oversee both inbound and outbound processes in the warehouse. These processes are crucial in a business operation and provide important economic and service benefits.

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A properly-managed warehouse plays an important role in your business’ efficiency. So, make sure you have a good management system, reliable containers and a skilled warehouse foreman. These will help maintain customer satisfaction, as well as gain their loyalty.

  • Posted on May 12, 2017