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Get Your Mexican Food Facts Straight with These Trivia

Mexican Tacos in flatlay shotYou love Mexican food like the millions of people around the globe, but how well do you know their cuisine? And does your favorite joint serve authentic meals?

To help you make sure the next Mexican restaurant you hit in Alexandria, VA will truly satisfy you with authentic food, El Paso Mexican Restaurant says that it pays to know more about what’s genuine and what’s not.

Where does masa, the ever-present ingredient in authentic Mexican cuisine, came from?

Masa comes from maize, or what we all know as corn. Its cultivation dates back to thousands of years ago. To date, it remains as an integral component of Mexican cuisine.

What are the two basic ingredients used to make corn tortillas?

Maize and water are the two basic components of corn tortillas. Combined together to make a dough, they’re divided into smaller balls, flattened out, and cooked over a comal — a smooth, flat griddle specifically made for cooking tortillas.

What type of meat does carne asada use?

In traditional Mexican cooking, carne asada (or “grilled meat” in English) makes use of a thin slice of beef. Most of the time, the meal consists of skirt steak or flank. It’s one of the most popular fillings for tacos.

How do you call the Mexican bean dish used as the most common base for other bean dishes?

In Mexico, they call this bean dish the frijoles de la olla. In most cases, they boil the beans in a prepared concoction known as “pot beans.” You can eat them as is or use it to prepare other dishes, such as the popular refried beans.

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How does one make a genuine taco?

Tacos are some of the most popular types of Mexican food all over the world. It consists of wheat or soft corn tortilla filled with a savory combination of various ingredients, such as meat and vegetables.

And one last thing: Don’t make the mistake of thinking that those crisp “taco shells” you see are authentic — they’re actually unknown in Mexico. It’s actually an American thing.

Before you enter a Mexican resto, make sure you’re getting what you paid for. Know if the food you’re ordering is authentic to enjoy the experience.

  • Posted on July 5, 2017