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Getting into Catering: A Guide to Starting Your Business

Catering Set-upAre you interested in opening up your own catering business? If you’ve been deeply considering the idea of making a career out of it, there are a few things you need to remember so you could successfully establish yourself in the food trade. Here are a few of them.

Find space and supplies to work on.

Cooking tools and place of business is another important consideration you have to think about. While this interest may start as a hobby at home, you need to find a location for you to operate commercially.

What follows next is completing the tools to set up your business kitchen. Aside from obtaining all the necessary appliances and supplies, you might need catering equipment repairs to keep the flow of your business running continuously.

Prepare the papers and documents.

The paperwork is the most essential thing you must do. Research on the permits or licences you need to acquire for you to operate. For this one, you may need to have a checklist for this one to keep track of your progress.

Ensure your papers are in order right before you set any consultation as this would help set your price as you open.

Promote your catering business.

Come up with a marketing scheme that will allow people to be aware of your business. Along with word-of-mouth type of marketing, you may need to try even harder so you’ll gain more recognition.

Creating social media pages is one effective step to catch the public attention. You may also pass fliers and leaflets as well as join food trade and events to spread the word.

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Just like with any business, getting into catering requires the same amount of preparation and time to start. However, the most important thing you should have to pursue a career in this field is passion and interest. As long as you have these two, anything is possible.

  • Posted on June 28, 2018