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Give Your Process a Boost – Improve Your Packing Station

Packing StationWe have to consider many factors to ensure our business’ success. We have to be constantly on the lookout for the most profitable move, the most cost-efficient options, and what can make our customers happy.

In packing, we have to find the most cost-efficient ways to keep our products fresh and protected for shipping – and we have to do it fast to avoid the ire of our customers. Packing used to be an afterthought for a lot of industries but is now one of the most crucial phases of operations.

If you have been experiencing hold ups in your packing phase, it might be time to review your industrial packing station.

Integrate Ergonomics

Eastpac Group, a wholesale packaging supplier from the UK, recommends a balance of automating your system and improving ergonomics in each workstation. They emphasise the importance of ergonomics as it will be the people you employ who will oversee your packing process and troubleshoot problems.

Review the Processes in Your Packing Station

Break down the process involved in your packing station starting from receiving the products down to dispatch or storage. Discuss ways with your staff about how they think checking and unloading/loading can be faster and more efficient during receiving and dispatching. Also, break down the processes involved in the actual packaging like grading, or sizing or waxing.

This will guide you if you have to rearrange the layout of your packing station. You can also determine from here if your workbenches, conveyor systems, or picking trolleys can be customised.

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Inspect Equipment and Review Maintenance Practices

A lot of companies find it hard to implement their maintenance plan. Managers, for example, cannot always catch if their staff fails to follow maintenance protocol. You can retrain your staff on the proper maintenance of your facilities and emphasise the importance of maintenance. You can also have professionals inspect the actual state of your equipment. You might just find that an adjustment can be made to your equipment to optimise its use.

These recommendations may take some of your team’s time, but the improved workflow will make your team’s job easier and will help you dispatch your products faster.

  • Posted on May 24, 2017