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Go Outside the Class: Organizing a School Trip

Children on a field trip at the museumThe classroom is where students learn, make friends, and know more about life. But it’s only a simple portion of the world — of what lies outside. In reality, the world is the student’s classroom. And it only makes sense that they will learn something nice and useful once they go outside.

Such is the importance of school trips. Field trips are among the many ways to facilitate unconventional learning. It is experiential, meaning students can learn things through interactions they will have and make with the things and people they will meet outside the classroom.

If you are looking to organise a school trip, here are some of the things you ought to keep in mind.

The Itinerary

Among the first items you ought to do is plan the trip’s itinerary. Choose places that are aligned with the educational goals of the project. For one, if you want the students to learn more about history, art, and culture, you can take them to the museum. If you want them to learn more about physics, a planetarium or a science hall will surely be a hit.

The Transport

You need to work with someone who can carefully take the school to the destinations. There are many providers of charter buses in Sydney that specialise in school trips. Make sure to book them in advance to avoid delays.

Preparing The Students

A few days before the trip, you should deploy all the items necessary for the students’ trip. You can send out invites and consent letter at least two weeks from the day of the trip. Give them a checklist of the items that they can take with them.

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On top of these, you may want to have a contingency plan in case of unforeseen problems. Travel insurance and petty cash are among the things to have on your list.

  • Posted on November 9, 2017