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Guide to Planning Your First Garden Party

Group of friends in a garden partyReaching an important milestone in your life is worth celebrating. It would be nice to celebrate it with friends and family in a simple garden party. However, it can be a challenging task to plan, especially when this is your first time to host a party in your backyard.

Here are some tips to help you get started:

Assess and prepare your garden

Spend a day at home and visit your garden. Take note of specific locations where it is cool and comfortable. This is to find where you will set up your sound system, food catering or barbecue, and where your guests will be sitting or dancing.

Take the time to assess the status of your garden. You would want to show the hard work you put into your garden. You might need to make some repairs or improvements. You can speed up the process by hiring experienced landscape gardeners in Kent. Oakleigh Manor notes that these professionals are the best people to make your garden ready for the party.

Coordinate with food caterers and sound system experts for a house visit

To make sure that your first garden party will be successful, coordinate with third-party contractors. Ask them to come and visit your garden so you can better plan where it is best for them to set up. Inviting them over to see the location of the party will give you time to prepare anything they may need from you, such as access to the electric outlet, as well as a staff entrance and exit.

Plan for a possible rain

Depending on the season, make sure you have contingency plans for weather changes. A small tent may be necessary to keep the guests dry. However, if you have a big loft where you can accommodate your guests, it would be a nice addition to your garden. You can ask your landscape gardeners for a quotation and lead time for finishing a small loft or a small party area to house the guests.

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Estimate the number of guests you can accommodate in your garden

Determine the size of your garden and the maximum number of guests you can invite. Consider the parking space as well. If your guests are bringing their own transportation, street parking may be a problem within your area. Secure the necessary permits and parking assistance before the day of the event.

Holding a party in your garden requires proper preparation, but it offers many advantages. Plan early and make sure your garden is ready for your guests. Most importantly, enjoy partying with good friends and colleagues in the comfort of your home or garden.

  • Posted on August 11, 2017