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Have You Optimised Your Air Conditioner?

Working air conditionerYour air conditioner should run perfectly, especially during summer when you need its services the most. But sometimes, it so happens that the equipment works longer or harder than expected. If summer catches you when the air conditioner is not in good shape, you may end up suffering from the sweltering heat. Fortunately, you can follow these simple tips to optimise your AC unit:

Size properly

A widespread misconception is that the level of comfort control is directly proportional to the unit size. Nothing can be further from the truth. The most important thing is to get the sizing of the system right. Manufacturer specifications for heat load are normally available to help you with the process. Contact a professional in air conditioning installation in Whangamata to make sure that size for both home and system rhyme.

Tune it regularly

You do not have to wait until summer is just around the corner to check the unit. Manufactures often recommend annual maintenance for a flawless performance throughout the year. However, it does no harm to do tune-ups as often as possible, especially before the start of the cooling season. It is advisable that you align your maintenance schedule with the Whangamata seasons and stick to it.

Check the AC’s location

Where you place the air conditioning unit matters a lot. The rooms could be hotter than intended because it is cooling off the ambient air instead of room air. This usually happens in the case of improperly positioned window air conditioners. Take care not to install window air conditioners next to the drapes or sunlight beams. When your options are limited, consider installing an umbrella or sunshade over the unit.

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An air conditioner that has lost its effectiveness not only uses more energy but also risks breaking down in the middle of summer. If you feel that your system is offering a below-par performance, contact an AC professional for a comprehensive check and maintenance.

  • Posted on March 26, 2018