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Helpful Tips to Follow When Planning for Employee ID Checks

An application form about a criminal background check Criminal background checking is now one of the most popular methods employers use to minimise the risk of exposure in their workplaces. But, while the effectiveness of these employee ID checks is near perfect in determining the suitability of new hires for, many employers still cannot get around where to begin.

The following will help you know what to consider.

1. Choosing the right partner to conduct the employee background checks

There are factors you must take into account when finding a police check partner, key among them being the provider’s reputation. Ensure they have a consistent record of providing accurate and quality background checks.

Also, confirm whether their turnaround times can match your needs without much strain on your set budget for criminal checking.

2. Determine who is to pay for the police checks

A common practice is to request job applicants to cover the cost and only reimburse the fees to successful candidates. But, you can choose to cover these costs beforehand or pass the burden to potential employees altogether without any refunds.

This decision largely depends on you as an employer; however, it is ethically sound that you communicate your stand to your recruiting agency and employees early in the process.

3. Your employees can obtain the national police checks by themselves

Some employers are okay with potential hires getting crime checks by themselves. If by doing this you will not be exposing your corporate reputation to security-related risks, you can include in your job ads a list of reputable and approved providers of criminal background checking services.

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For the purpose of accuracy and consistency of the background checks, you can direct your employees and recruiting agency to one service provider.

Not a long while ago, you needed not to reference-check a person’s work history thoroughly before deciding to hire them. But, nowadays, the rise of the digital age has sent ripples of risk management challenges in workplaces, especially in human resource.

You cannot leave the decision of conducting employee ID checks to chance; the complexity of this tech-savvy generation demands high levels of scrutiny before you recruit new staff and even on existing employees.

  • Posted on June 23, 2017