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Home Appliances: Do You Repair or Replace It?

house kitchenLike any professional, an appliance repair expert has the knowledge, expertise, and skill you need, but they all come at a price. So repetitive maintenance repairs will do your wallet no justice. But, how do you know if replacing it will be the wise option for you rather than having it repaired?  Here’s a useful guide in making such a decision.

Consider the cost of repair.

If the cost of repair is more than 50% of the value of a new one, then replace your equipment. Some machines suffer a catastrophic failure and may require complicated replacement of built-in spares. It is even more complicated when the spares are not available to appliance repair experts in Wellington. The shipping charges and other logistics can be costly. Moreover, if your appliance is making you chase after technicians every day, in the long run, it will be too expensive to keep it, and it is better replaced.

Consider the efficiency of the appliance.

Utilities form an integral part of your bills. An appliance with lower energy consumption will save you money. Compare the new models with the old ones you own, and carefully analyse the operating costs. Do not forget to factor in safety features when handling the appliance and also consider its environmental effects.

The length of time the appliance has been used.

Different appliances vary in their service length. This depends on how often it is used and maintained. If you are choosing to seek the services of a technician or to replace the appliance, you have to consider its service life. If you have a warranty for your device, you should think whether it covers the kind of repair it needs.

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The cost of a similar appliance.

Keenly research on offers available from local retailers on similar units. Establish where you can re-sell your old appliance. Make sure you are aware of other hidden costs like transport, installation, and taxes.

It is always a hard decision to make whether to repair and keep your appliance or acquire a new one, but these guidelines will help you get the best out of your money.

  • Posted on September 27, 2018