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How Custom Promotional Products Work Their Marketing Charms

Customized ballpoint pens representing company's primary colors promotion conceptHanding out a custom promotional product to customers and business partners seems like second nature to established companies. But even start-up businesses can utilise these promotional products to make their brands known to many.

Creating and distributing customised promotional giveaways boost a brand’s visibility and gives it a strong cornerstone in its particular business niche. But did you even wonder how these simple tailored products became so effective in driving visibility and sales upward?

A Personal Touch to Promotional Items

Personalising various giveaway items is now easier than ever, as customisation has become a widespread marketing strategy today. Not only are the products printed with the brand’s label or company logo, but also they are personalised to include the customer’s name or favourite colour.

More businesses – big or small – personalise their promotional items according to their individual client’s choices. They do so to connect with them on a deeper level and assess their wants and needs as well.

Not Just for Display

A custom promotional product from the old year’s usually consisted of mugs and figurines, which often gathered dust and dirt on a customer’s display rack. The clamour for useful product giveaways led to the popularity of practical everyday items as customised freebies.

Nowadays, companies are thinking outside the box and have come up with useful giveaways, depending on their brand niche. Examples may include:

  • Pens
  • Eco-friendly bags
  • Wallets
  • USB sticks
  • Lanyards
  • Power banks
  • Magnets

Creative and Unique Freebies

Tweak the shape of your product packs, offer pens in various colours, create customised mason jars, or have some socks printed with fun designs according to your customers’ hobbies. The possibilities are endless!

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In summary, custom giveaway items represent your brand for customers to gain awareness about your business. This marketing strategy is effective in drawing customers in because of the free items’ practicality, usefulness, and fun factor.

  • Posted on May 29, 2017