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How to Care for the Business Heroes: Truck Drivers

man driving a truckThe transportation industry is the link between manufacturers and consumers. It is crucial for businesses to have their products delivered as fast and as safely as possible to yield maximum profit. Although other methods like railway, maritime and air cargo have become a useful option for long distance transportation of goods, truck transportation is still the most reliable solution for short and direct routes on the road.

There are many challenges in the working environment of truck drivers. They have to brave the unpredictable weather and traffic conditions, battle boredom and fatigue, or fix car problems. In New Zealand, truck trailers are built to be practical and functional so as to be the least of the problems of truck drivers. The more difficult problems are the ones of out of a driver’s control, and such challenges often result in a shortage of truck drivers in the industry.

Here are 4 tips to care for your company’s hard-working transport associates:

Workplace Communication

In any business, communication is key to establishing a good working relationship. Truck drivers experience a lot of challenges on the road and they need to be able to air out their concerns. Solutions to the problems may be negotiated if there is open communication between the employees and the employer. Think: benefits and incentives.

Provide Regular Training

Driving is a skill which requires regular training to achieve higher levels of mastery. Accidents happen on the road and truck drivers are usually alone when they occur. They need regular training to know what to do in every untoward situation, not only for their own protection but also for the safety of others on the road.

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Vehicle Maintenance

Having engineers inspect the trucks regularly is protocol in the heavy transport industry. Any wear or damage to the truck’s engine and the trailer should be repaired or replaced immediately. Truck drivers focus on getting the products as quickly and as safely as possible to their destination;  ensuring that their vehicle is in top shape will make the trip run smoother.

Instill Healthy Lifestyle

Any heavy job requires a person to be physically fit. Driving for a long period  cals for great amounts of physical and mental focus. Instilling a healthy lifestyle may be done by promoting a well-balanced diet and exercise. It is a good idea to set company policies and incentives towards this end into place.

Truck drivers are at the forefront of businesses. They execute the hard labour of delivering the products from the manufacturers to the consumers. Taking care of the valuable members of the company is not only a long-term investment but also an important part of human resource management.

  • Posted on July 24, 2018