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How to Permanently Get Rid of Junk in Your Home

House items about to be recycledYou may find it hard to let go of some items from the past. Maybe several shoeboxes of birthday and Christmas cards you just don’t have the heart to chuck in the bin. You may also have old furniture and home appliances you just can’t throw out.
Some of the reasons people hoard things are:
1. They don’t want to add to the world’s waste.
2. They think they can still use these things in the future.
3. They’re too sentimental about things.
Here’s the thing about hoarding: it’s a physical as well as mental clutter. Old items piling up around the house can also create an unsafe situation, giving way to accidents. Eliminating the hazard is just one of the many advantages to clearing the clutter; the other one is putting money in your pocket when you take your old cables or air conditioning units to a recycling shop specialising in metal.
How do you get rid of the clutter? Follow these steps:

1. Give yourself several days to prepare for detachment

The very first step is mental and emotional preparation. This includes coming to terms with yourself that you’ll be throwing out things. There’s a discipline that must come with this change and you have to be sure you’ll finish the task once you start it.

2. Set aside two hours a day for the task

You don’t want to overwhelm yourself and try to finish the task in a day. You can first sort out clothes on Monday, shoes on Tuesday, paper junk on Wednesday and so on. You’ll be surprised how much stuff’s gone by the end of the week.

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3. Remember your goal all the time

Whether it’s to create more space in your home or to start a minimalist lifestyle, always keep your goal in mind to keep from stopping the task mid-way.
Once you’ve thrown out all the things you haven’t been using, keep that discipline by not buying things you don’t need. You can set aside a box for donations or have them recycled every month. Remember that the less clutter you have around the house, the clearer your mind will be.

  • Posted on March 19, 2018