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How Would Smart Food Retail Affect Our Health and Lifestyle?

Woman looking at a food vending machineThe buzz around smart food retail technologies often focuses on how it would make grocery shopping much easier for people, with health and wellness being cast into the sidelight.

Sacrificing convenience over nutritional food choices has led to unhealthy diets and the top preventable causes of diseases. In Australia, junk food comprises more than 35% of a person’s energy intake. A simple solution can be in the form of a smart food and beverage dispenser.

Obesity Rates

It’s not surprising that obesity rates in the country have pushed health advocates to think of creative ways of solving the problem. For instance, Deakin University researchers have floated the idea of using graphic labels found on cigarette packs for sugary drinks. The concept works by warning people about the dangers of consuming too much sugar,

The study of 1,000 Australians showed that labels that depict images of rotten teeth had the most significant effect on participants. Anna Peeters, the study’s lead researcher, said that participants were “36% less likely to purchase sugary drinks” if it came with a warning label.

Uphill Battle

While warning labels may have a profound impact, it can be difficult to go against the technological advancements launched by established food brands. The good news, however, involves more people making a conscious effort to patronise a healthy lifestyle.

Millennials, in particular, have become more aware of the importance of staying fit, as well as supporting brands that observe sustainable and healthy food practices. Product prices may also be designed that lets shoppers think that buying unhealthy food isn’t always the cheaper alternative.

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The food industry should learn to strike a balance between offering convenient ways to shop and having nutritional options. Businesses don’t have to invest a fortune in solutions, which can be as simple as changing their dispensers that reflect healthy eating habits.

  • Posted on June 20, 2018