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How You Can Increase Audience Participation at Your Event

Public speaker at an eventAttendee engagement or participation is an event component that’s just as important as the venue or the food. Keeping your audience engaged improves overall attendee experience and makes your event interactive. You can drive more audience participation, enthusiasm, and interest by taking note of these suggestions.

Use Icebreakers

Speakers can use the following methods to break the ice:

  • Show of Hands – Ask speakers to come up with a few questions for the audience that they can answer right off the bat.
  • Voluntary Share – Get volunteers to share why they’re attending your event and what lessons they can pick up from the talk.
  • Speed Networking – Similar to speed dating, ask the audience to go around and meet new people, find a takeaway they will remember about the other person, and exchange contact details.

Add Guest Appearances

Admproductions.com says that an event is so much more than just the keynote speakers. You can shake things up by incorporating guest appearances in your event. Use video conferencing services to obtain live input from surprise guests. On top of that, you can ask renowned organizational leaders to pay unexpected visits. These appearances will surely keep attendees on the edge of their seats.

Get the Attendees Physically Engaged

The conventional format for presentations, which is a speech in front of a projected slide deck, may bore attendees. Instead of letting people sit through the entire presentation, ask your speakers to come up with a way to physically engage their audience. Ellen DeGeneres, for instance, does a fantastic job of getting the audience on their feet with her dances at the beginning of her show.

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Rearrange Your Seating Layout

Although conventional seating layouts exist, you can explore options beyond the basics to take your event to the next level. Think of seating plans that encourage participation or interaction. A boardroom style layout, for instance, creates a space where attendees recognize that participation is acceptable.

Using icebreakers, adding guest appearances, getting the audience to move physically, and rearranging the seating plan are great ways to boost attendee engagement at your event. These audience engagement strategies will eliminate boring monologues or speeches and help make your event more memorable and fun.

  • Posted on October 8, 2018