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How You Can Supercharge the Office with an Espresso

A woman drinking coffee in her officeWhen re-vamping the office, don't bother with just the water dispenser. Put in a coffee machine, too. Coffee increases productivity and a break with it in the afternoon can keep staff morale high.

More than half of all Americans drink at least one cup of coffee every day, most of whom drink their coffee immediately, as soon as they wake up. Everyone knows that coffee is the ultimate wake-me-up and it is coffee's powerful stimulant properties that make it the nation's favorite morning beverage.

More business owners are discovering that the stimulant effects of coffee can extend into the workplace and jump-start an employee's performance, so they're choosing to install coffee machines in the office.

Coffee Encourages Creativity

British psychologists studied people who had caffeinated and decaffeinated drinks, and were then asked to perform tasks. They found those drinking the caffeinated drinks had better planning skills, memory, and creative thinking compared with those who drank decaf. All these skills are invaluable in the office and mean that staff can get things done faster, increasing company profit.

Quality Coffee Makes Staff Happy 

Having access to high-quality coffee that is the same standard as that of famous coffee shops can increase morale among staff and encourage them to take their breaks in the building instead of leaving for lunch. Companies that invested in corporate coffee solutions for their employees have happier, more motivated staff. Some visionary places of work have created bistro-type lunch areas for them to enjoy during their break and have reaped the rewards of giving a little extra.

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Coffee is a feel-good, wake-up drink that helps people get up to work and perform better throughout the day. They can think more clearly, have better recall, and come up with more creative ideas. That's why smart managers get coffee machines and not just water.

  • Posted on November 5, 2017