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How Your HR Processes Can Benefit from Technology

Woman's Hands Working with a LaptopThe primary task of any human resource department is to keep track of employee histories, such as their personal information, abilities, skills, salaries and accomplishments. However, the bulk of the data that needs to be organised can get quite overwhelming, especially for large companies. With the help of technology, some processes can be replaced with a combination of human resource and management system. Hence, your company’s HR personnel can find time to focus on other important things such as culture and retention.

What is HRMS?

Human Resource Management System (HRMS) is a type of software that manages computerised human resource processes and helps automate repetitive and time-consuming tasks. In essence, it is an information technology tool that hosts and provides business logic to human resource management.

Capabilities of HRMS

Some of the key modules of HRMS are:

  • Time Management: Most organisations allow this module to automatically monitor an employee’s time-in and time-out from a timekeeping device, as card access or biometric systems.
  • Payroll Management: The payment module gets details such as the monthly number of work hours of an employee from the time management module. It is also integrated with the finance module to keep track of the compensation paid to an employee.
  • Benefits Administration: This module lets the HR keep track of other pertinent information of the employee, like insurance, stock options, compensation and retirement benefits.
  • Recruitment: The recruitment module is an important component in selecting and hiring the right candidate. This module is usually web-based which allows for the easy application process of would-be employees.
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The mark of a modern company is its willingness to accept and embrace change. There is no doubt that information technology is at the forefront of every company’s success, and a company that offers HR solutions is no different.

  • Posted on March 29, 2017