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Identify the Reasons Your Garage Door Spring Broke

White Garage DoorAre you wondering why your garage door isn’t working properly anymore? One of the possible reasons is that maybe the springs broke or are about to reach their breaking point. Identifying the causes of this problem enables you to allot a budget for repairs, replacement, and maintenance.

O’Brien Garage Doors and other experts on garage door repair services from Wilmington DE list the following reasons the springs may break:

Wear and Tear

The springs bear a substantial part of the weight of the entire garage door because they are an important part whenever you open and close it. Repeat and heavy use of the door can lead to small damages at first, then it gradually worsens over the years. Lack of maintenance and repair may also reduce its useful life faster.

The springs aren’t the only parts you must focus on for fixes and maintenance work, because all the components work together and make sure the garage door functions properly. Check the cables, bolts, screws and other sections for damage, doing so evenly distributes the load and reduces the possibility of one section overcompensating for another.

Rusty Parts

Rust is another contributor to spring damage and failure. It corrodes the garage door’s parts and reduces its useful life by years. Once rust builds up in one or all of the springs, the latter deteriorates and then completely breaks, adding to your repair and replacement expenses. You can repaint it to prevent rust from accumulating on the springs and boost its life expectancy by a couple more years.

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How Long Do the Springs Last?

The springs serve as a counterweight for the garage door, meaning they do a lot of the heavy lifting. The average useful life of a spring is between 10 to 15 years, but this can shorten depending on use, maintenance and repairs.

The springs of your garage door are an important part, keep them in good condition so that the door works properly. Doing so also reduces your overall costs for repairs and replacements.

  • Posted on August 2, 2017